As of April 2010 our Company is ISO9001:2008 certified by IMQ, an Italian authority that is a leader in the compliance evaluation and product certification sector, and the quality systems and company management sector.

Since our foundation, one of our company’s strategic objectives has been to obtain and preserve this certification, operating in accordance with regulations, guaranteeing our customers a high level of quality performance and investing important resources into this field in order to reduce criticality to a minimum.

Some of these major investments include: new end-of-line electronic test systems, competent personnel specialized in Quality Systems management, end-of-line testing and internal auditing, software for internal document management, next generation equipment for electrical harnesses, systems for dynamometric control of bracket terminals, and optical lasers for bracket control.


COVI has always been environmentally friendly and our future goal is to become a true “Green Factory”. Therefore, among our future strategic objectives we have added:

  • 50% reduction in the use of paper and cardboard packing material
  • Mindful reduction of plastic in our production plants
  • Reduction of energy consumption through progressive installation of LED lighting both inside and outside of our plants
  • Progressive optimization of service equipment energy consumption in our production plants through responsible and mindful management from an Industria 4.0 and green perspective
  • Gradual replacement of current company vehicles with new hybrid or electric models

Furthermore, the company has dedicated an sizeable portion of the external area of the new directional headquarters in Padua as a green planted area.