Our work philosophy is based on the awareness that nowadays we find ourselves operating in highly complex and competitive markets, in which product requests have gone beyond the traditional need to simply obtain merchandise under optimal commercial conditions.

Therefore, it becomes essential to extend what is offered, adding onto all products added value that the market requires: research into new components and new solutions, major investments in technical skills and after-sales assistance, flexible structures and procedures, and responsiveness to the customer’s demands.  These values form part of the cornerstones of our company, characterizing us and our business, as well as indicating a future prospective, identifying the “leitmotiv” of all our strategic decisions.

Our everyday actions are led by the following guidelines:

  • Consolidate our competitive placement in the markets where we operate
  • Seek out and create new opportunities that can be translated into value and growth for our company
  • Guarantee flexibility, reactivity, competence, quality, and after-sales assistance for the customer
  • Safeguard the company’s assets, the human capital, the customers and professional privacy
  • Manage company’s “Finance” prudently, which is as important as ever for the positive evaluation of the company by international verification entities
  • Respect and share, at all levels inside the company, our value charter and company regulation
  • Safeguard our suppliers
  • Optimize communication flow and the company’s procedures
  • Respect the environment


The company is a collection of people, skills, ideals and values, objectives, movables and immovables, all brought together at the service of its customers and in support of the community in which it is founded.

Our “vision” is that of a company keeping up with the times, that is flexible and able to create value by answering the market’s requests. A company in motion, continuously seeking new opportunities, looking towards the future but at the same time aiming to consolidate its own base elements, a company able to provide reactive and competent support for its customers in its everyday work, a company that invests, and that safeguards its employees, keeping the forces united. We want a company that listens, that cares for the environment and, above all, a company that is customer oriented.