COVI, together with all the other companies in the COVI Group, have always stood out for their customer-oriented modus operandi.

At COVI, we focus our attention on our customers, satisfying their needs through sensitivity and active listening. This has allowed us to always acquire new opportunities and keep growing our business.


The sentiment that goes with the phrases shown below are a source of inspiration, vision, and mission at the same time. These statements are a starting point necessary to understand the identity of COVI and its direction. Those who choose to work and collaborate with COVI must embrace and support these points of view. The customer is at the centre of our work and remains at the centre of attention for the improved growth of the company on the market and of its employees. What follows is a series of simple considerations that should be always kept in mind.

The customer always comes first – in person, via mail, or by phone.

The customer doesn’t depend on us – we depend on them and we should always be grateful.

The customer is not an interruption of our work – but is the purpose of it. We are not doing them a favour by supplying them – they are doing us a favour by giving (us) this opportunity.

The customer is not unrelated to our projects and our growth – they are a part of them.

The customer in not just a statistic – they are a human being in flesh and blood that feels emotions just like the rest of us.

The customer is not someone to argue with. No one ever won a discussion with a customer.

The customer is a person that submits their needs and their problems to us. It is our job to manage them in a manner that will be beneficial for the both of us.

This is what the customer represents for us. It seems like many have forgotten this – but not us.